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Duncan Gregory

Absolutely glad to have Greig as a guest blogger on this platform. He is my former boss, fellow Liverpool fan, and a great friend. He’ll probably take an issue with my use of the word boss. I noticed that he always preferred being referred to as colleague. But hey, some habits are automatic I guess.

I met him when I was a student at Pwani University. I had just joined a local climate actions team(CATs) in the local community, Kilifi that his organization (CAPSAY) was funding. We ended up talking and have since worked together in several projects, exchanging ideas and knowledge. I can say that I definitely learnt so much from him. Especially in matters social development projects.

Apart from being an incredible person, he is also a wealth of knowledge on matters sustainable development, climate change, youth engagement, and community engagement. I am therefore really grateful that he has shared some of his writing on this platform. 

He has his own blog which features amazing poetry, travel and life stories, among other things so be sure to check it out:

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