'Environmental Stories, Book Reviews & Something like Poetry.'


Platform: EcoHoods

By Mary Appophia

Developing a blog’s ‘about’ section is no easy feat, is it?
More so when the blog in question starts developing a mind of its own.

It usually goes like this;

On Monday: Eye sees a lizard climbing a wall.
Blog: ‘Writes a post about lizards. Also goes ahead to dedicate an entire category to lizards.

On Tuesday: Human sees a cute rabbit.
Blog: ‘Decides to write about rabbit rearing.

Wednesday: Eye sees someone donning a denim shirt.
Blog: ‘Writes about how denim shirts can save your entire life.’

You get the gist.
Consequently, I have had to re-write this ‘about section’ just a couple hundred times.
But who is counting?
Apparently I am.

So I sat down with the blog…this blog.
And we came to an agreement.
Which is to limit published content to environmental issues.

The blog has permission to shuffle the cards, play around with different writing styles, share photos etc. but the deck has to remain the same: Environmental issues.

So, in summary, what does this blog do?
☑️ Raise awareness about environmental issues.
☑️ Write environmental book reviews.
☑️ Share photos & poems that are based on/or influenced by the natural environment.

Ultimately, it’s goal is to inspire positive environmental action at the local level. So absolutely feel free to borrow some of the tips that it has shared, especially if you find them practical to your situation.


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