Photo by Art Jamie’s

By Mary Appophia

Nairobi derives its name from the Maasai phrase “Enkare Nairobi” which translates to “Place of cool waters”. But are the Nairobi waters still as ‘cool’ as when the reference was made? It is also known as the green city in the sun. But is it still green? What are some of the environmental challenges in the County?

Well, let’s chat with Carolyn Manga a statistician, who’s lived in Nairobi County for quite sometimes to get some answers.

You’ve lived in Nairobi County for awhile now, what are some of the most main environmental problems that you’ve come across?

C.M: The most common environmental problems in Nairobi county are global warming, air pollution and water pollution.

In your opinion, how can numbers, statistics etc. be used in addressing the existing environmental problems?

C.M. Statistical analysis..for example time series analysis can be used to track and predict the trends of global warming.

Are there any good environmental practices that you’ve come across that can probably be replicated elsewhere?

C.M. Acquisition of bio-based energy, solar energy for domestic use, harnessing of wind energy, water conservation, tree planting, paper recycling,etc.

Without having to actively search for them, do you know of any community initiatives that address environmental issues? If yes have you ever been a part of any of them.

C.M. Rotaract clubs..most of them have tree planting activities and I’ve participated before.

Last question, what is one really good movie that you recommend to all of us?

C.M. Girls trip 🤣🤣🤣🤣